There are already 3 well sites in East Yorkshire, and at least 6 more planned:

  • West Newton A – North East of Hull, halfway to the coast, near Withernwick.  Mothballed; serious problems in 2014.
  • West Newton B – a new, larger site, 2km south of West Newton A.  Construction due to commence Jan 2016.
  • Crawberry Hill – just West of Beverley, between Walkington and Bishop Burton.  Mini-frack test program prevented by protests; site to be restored and abandoned.
  • Burton Constable area – at least 6 more possible well sites are in planning.

The Oil and Gas Authority issues licences for petroleum exploration in defined areas of the UK.

PEDL 183 (Petroleum Exploration & Development Licence) is the largest licence area in the country, and covers Holderness from Brough, Beverley and Hornsea right down to Spurn Point.


Licence area region

PEDL 183 covers the green shaded area. The 2 yellow flags within mark the wells to have been drilled so far: Crawberry Hill and West Newton.


PEDL183 is held by Rathlin Energy (UK) Ltd.
The company takes its name from the Rathlin Basin in Northern Ireland.
In October 2015 they announced they are pulling out of Northern Ireland, their only other area of interest.  BBC News story.

Rathlin Energy are owned by a Canadian company, Connaught Oil and Gas Ltd.
In November 2015 it was announced Connaught are selling all of their Canadian assets to focus on East Yorkshire.  Report by CanOils.

Moorhouse Drilling and Completions, from Bridlington manage the well projects.

Marriott Drilling actually do the work on site.

Total Environmental Technology, from Driffield, tanker waste from site.
The same bright orange tankers were used at Barton Moss, the extreme fossil fuel exploration site in Salford.

The workover rig used for recent testing at West Newton was also used by fracking company Cuadrilla Resources.