West Newton C and D

Exactly as warned, Rathlin Energy continues to try and turn Holderness in to a big gas field development, with multiple wellsites industrialising the area.

In August 2020 plans emerged for two new well sites in Holderness by Rathlin Energy, named West Newton C and West Newton D.  They would be located close to their two existing wellsites, West Newton A (currently mothballed) and West Newton B (under construction).

Rathlin Energy always claims to communicate closely with the local community, yet despite reporting to the West Newton Community Liaison Committee as recently as May 2020, they made absolutely no mention of their clearly well established plans for more well sites in the area.  That is until a journalist uncovered the plans on the council website, and made enquiries, upon which Rathlin Energy issued a press release the very next day.


West Newton C

These details have been published on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Planning Website:

Planning – Application Summary
20/02543/EIASCR | EIA Screening Opinion – West Newton C Well Site for Onshore Oil and Gas Exploration | Land South East Of Smithy Briggs Farm Crook Lane Burton Constable East Riding Of Yorkshire HU11 4LW


West Newton D

These details have been published on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Planning Website:

Planning – Application Summary
20/02544/EIASCR | EIA Screening Opinion – West Newton D Well Site for Onshore Oil and Gas Exploration | Land West Of Low Fosham Farm Low Fosham Road Aldbrough East Riding Of Yorkshire HU11 4LP


News Article On DrillOrDrop

New details on Rathlin’s new drilling plans as East Yorks clears way for applications – DrillOrDrop, 3 Sep 2020


Rathlin Energy Press Release

Rathlin Energy’s press release about these wellsites seems to admit that we need to go zero carbon, but then tries to claim that rather than transitioning to newer, better sustainable energy and materials, we should do this by drilling loads more fossil fuel wells.

Request For Screening Opinions

Beverley-based onshore energy operator Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited has submitted Screening Requests to East Riding of Yorkshire Council for two new potential hydrocarbon wellsites, West Newton C and West Newton D. This is the first step of the planning process to further explore and appraise the West Newton hydrocarbon field and will determine whether planning application submissions for West Newton C and West Newton D will require environmental impact assessments. The Screening Opinions will be available following the consideration of East Riding of Yorkshire Council planning department, which is currently in progress.

Further exploration and appraisal of the West Newton Field will continue to progress the company’s understanding of the West Newton hydrocarbon prospect. The Humber region is the UK’s largest energy hub, contributing £18bn towards the UK economy along with 27% of the UK’s oil refinery capacity. The West Newton prospect borders a thriving cluster of world-scale chemical and energy operations located at Saltend, and elsewhere within the Humber estuary. The cluster currently relies upon significant oil and natural gas imports from overseas. These foreign imports come at a higher cost to the UK and with an increased carbon footprint.

The Zero Carbon Humber energy and chemicals cluster has been identified by the UK government as a funding recipient to develop the world’s first carbon neutral (net zero) industrial cluster by 2040. Hydrocarbons are used as raw materials to make a range of products including fertiliser for agriculture, PPE for hospitals, detergents for homes, paints, mouldable plastics, mobile phones, laptops, surfaces for roads as well as used to heat homes and businesses.

Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited believes the West Newton Field has the potential to provide local feedstock to a Humber net zero project replacing the need for imported hydrocarbons while at the same time developing indigenous energy sources, contributing to the economic welfare of the Humber region and enhancing local job prospects.

Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited will be undertaking public consultation on the proposed Field Development over the coming months and ahead of the submission of any formal planning applications.

RECENT NEWS – Rathlin Energy, 20 Aug 2020