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This is something that is likely to effect almost all of us, so if you’d like someone to come and talk about it to a group you’re involved with, from church groups to trade unions, then please get in touch.

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Demo at West Newton B Wellsite

Thurs 27th May, 09:30 (main visit) and Fri 28th May, 13:30
Meet on Pasture Lane, near the junction with Moor Lane & Sproately Rd.

ERYC Planning Councillors are visiting Rathlin Energy’s oil & gas well site. This summer these councillors will decide whether to grant the company permission for a major expansion to drill loads more, brand new wells, to produce fossil fuels for decades to come. Despite the climate breaking down around us, and the need to keep it in the ground.

So local residents and concerned citizens of East Yorkshire will hold a respectful demo at the gate, to bear witness and be witnessed, and let the Councillors know opposition is ongoing and growing.

Location: 53°48’14.1″N 0°10’03.7″W
What3words: ///modes.bronzer.stoppage

Directions: heading north out of Hull: After Sproately, head north on Pasture Lane towards Burton Constable Hall (there are brown tourist signs for the Hall) then turn right on a slight left bend, before you get to the hall entrance.



Presented by Transition Town Bridlington:

Bridlington Eco-Summits

Sat 10th July, 1-3pm – networking
Sat 18th Sept, 12-3pm+   – Festival

at Christ Church Bridlington, 2 Quay Road, Bridlington YO15 2AP



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