You Have The Right to Peaceful Protest

The right to peaceful protest is protected in law, and the European Convention on Human Rights:


Legal Briefing Note by Bindman’s Solicitors

Fracking and individual rights: what do you need to know?



Green and Black Cross

Have a valuable range of legal related advice and guides:

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Netpol – ‘Keeping watch on UK policing’, also have valuable information, including this briefing: Protest and Private Security.

Netpol Briefing: Protest and Private Security

Netpol Briefing: Protest and Private Security


Guide for Legal Observers

Legal Observer is an important low risk role at protests.  Here’s a handy guide.

Guide for Legal Observers


You Have the Right to Film and Take Pictures

The Police should not stop you filming or taking pictures in a public place, nor delete pictures or video.  If they try, show them a copy of this letter.  (Fortunately this has not been an issue in East Yorkshire.)

ACPO Guidance for Photographers

ACPO Guidance for Photographers


Prosecution Policy and Guidance for Public Protests

The Crown Prosecution Service guidance for prosecuting cases where offences may have been committed on a public protest.