Nafferton Against Fracking

We are a group of concerned local residents, just everyday people, waking up to the spectre of fracking and the threat to our health and environment.



Nafferton Declared a Frack Free Village

95% Oppose Fracking in Ballot

The following is taken from the Nafferton Newsletter issue 99 Aug-Sept 2018 under the heading Parish Council news:

“There was a ballot held in the village regarding fracking recently, and based on the majority of parishioners who voted, the community want a Frack Free Nafferton.

Although the ballot was not run by the Parish Council, we acknowledge the significance of the results and uphold the majority view that there is no social licence for fracking in Nafferton.

We therefore declare Nafferton a Frack Free Village and we will represent the community as such, should a planning application regarding fracking come before the Parish Council.

As fracking is very new to the UK, the decision will be reviewed every 6 months, and based on up to date information at the time.”

The ballot was organised by the group Nafferton Against Fracking.
637 voted (34% of adult population, comparable to local elections, and high for an external survey), 94.5% voted Yes, and 5.5% No.



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