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Political Parties



The Green Party has opposed fracking for years, and were the only main political party to oppose fracking in the 2015 general election, and are now calling on Theresa May to hold a vote in Parliament to ban fracking.



Liberal Democrats vote to ban fracking in England and Wales – March 2016



A future Labour government will ban fracking – Sept 2016



“The Yorkshire Party calls for the ban of High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) for Shale Gas throughout Yorkshire. … Yorkshire Party support the banning of Fracking in favour of investment in renewable technologies and developing green energy solutions in cooperation with local communities.” – Yorkshire Party Energy Policy > Fracking, Dec 2016



The Campaign to Protect Rural England is just one of many organisations calling for a moratorium on fracking.

“Climate change is the most urgent and complex threat to the English countryside today. … the investment needed to extract shale could divert funding from energy efficiency, storage technologies and renewable energy that would provide long-term solutions. …

It is becoming almost inconceivable that fracking would help rather than hinder the challenge of meeting these vital targets [on climate change]”

“… disruption and heavy traffic … Minor rural roads and their associated fingerpost signs, milestones, hedges and dry stone walls form a defining feature of the English countryside and its varied landscapes. It is critical … to protect this important resource from being turned into lorry lanes.”

“Severe cuts in funding and lack of staff with relevant expertise make decision taking for novel, complex forms of energy like fracking challenging”



Trade Unions



Unions from 12 Countries Call for a Global Moratorium on Fracking – Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, November 2015


UK Unions

Trades Union Congress

Trades Union Congress

Unite the union

Unite the union

Unison - the public service union

Unison – the public service union

Public & Commercial Services Union

Public & Commercial Services Union

Fire Brigades Union

Fire Brigades Union

Prospect: union for professionals - scientists, engineers, managers & other specialists in over 300 private and public sector ...

Prospect: union for professionals – scientists, engineers, managers & other specialists in over 300 private and public sector …



University and College Union


“As well as the Trades Union Congress, some of the UK’s largest unions – Unite, Unison, the Public & Commercial Services Union – all oppose fracking or support a moratorium on it. Unsurprisingly, the union representing gas workers, GMB, supports industry expansion.” – Equal Times, Oct 2016


“Yet the GMB is the only major UK trade union to actively support fracking in the UK, which is opposed by Unite, Unison, PCS, Prospect, the Fire Brigades Union, the Universities and Colleges Union, among others, as part of their wider commitments to tackle climate change, move away from fossil fuels, and protect the environment …

Unions have not only taken on board the climate change impacts of shale gas industry, but recognise the serious issues for worker safety and doubts over the industry’s claims of a jobs bonanza.” – Unions backing fracking… or are they? – One Million Climate Jobs, March 2016