Frack Free Energy Supplier

  • switch to a green supplier

  • support alternatives to fossil fuels

  • raise money to fight fracking

Do you use one of the main energy companies to supply your electricity and gas?

If so, then you are giving your money to a company supporting fossil fuels, and may be unknowingly investing in fracking.

So, if you’re opposed to fracking, then you could consider switching to a supplier that opposes fracking, and does not get their electricity from fossil fuels.


If you switch to Ecotricity using the the link below, or by phone and give the FFEY reference, then they’ll make a donation of £40 for each electricity supply, and £20 for each gas supply, when the switch completes.

Click for more information, and to switch

Click for more information, and to switch

Ecotricity strongly oppose fracking.  They get 0% of their electricity from fossil fuels and 100% from renewables.  They already supply partially green gas, and are developing more green gas from grass.

They’re rated very highly for customer service by the consumer’s association Which?.


For more information, and to start switching:

click here – this special link supports Frack Free East Yorkshire, and you should see our logo in the side bar


phone 08000 302 302 and quote our code:  FFEY1, or simply mention Frack Free East Yorkshire.