Don’t Frack Our Future – Doreen’s Story

A 6 minute, easy introduction.


The Staggering Scale of Industrialisation

The sheer scale of industrialisation caused by extreme oil & gas extraction is so huge, it is difficult to get across in a single image.  This aerial tour of sites in the US gives you some idea.


Local Water Engineer

A local water engineer with experience of cleaning up after the oil & gas industry explains some of the risks of contamination, a little bit of chemistry, and why he thinks fracking should not be considered in East Yorkshire, or anywhere else in the UK.  9 mins.

Full version here (25 mins)


The Sky is Pink

A short follow up to the Oscar nominated Gasland documentary by Josh Fox, on deliberate misinformation put out by the industry.


Dr. Anthony Ingraffea – Natural Gas Exposed

A Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University exposes myths of the unconventional gas industry, and explains: that it’s a relatively new and unproven technology; how wells commonly fail & leak; surface impacts; and that unconventional gas can be more polluting even than coal.  A short (15min) edit of his talk.

There is a full length talk (1hr45m) by him here.


More videos on the Frack Off website here.