West Newton A Gallery


25th Sept


3rd Sept

Workover rig and test equipment, moved from West Newton B after things went wrong there. Again.



19th Sept

Flow testing on the second well at West Newton-A was suspended in late August 2019. Rathlin Energy said this was to analyse data and revise the well test to take account of the oil find.


8th April

Truck surfer delays rig equipment for over 8 hours.

The main rig was significantly delayed on its approach to Pipers Lane.  Eventually, it was reversed a couple of kilometres back down a winding country lane to New Ellerby.


Struggling to make the turn in to Pipers Lane and scraping the road.


24th January


23rd Jan – Drill Hose Breaks Loose With Bang, Smashes Cabin, Sprays Workers

West Newton wellsite workers were sprayed with muddy drilling fluid, and left coughing and spluttering. See Incidents page.


16th January

Conductor Rig Drilling the first section of well WNA-2.

West Newton Monitoring & Information Station next to the site entrance (on the right) in the shadow of the drill rig (behind).


14th January

Marriott Drilling’s drill bit leaving site.



West Newton A Wellsite, 11th December 2018



Preparations for drilling the second well, WNA-2 / Well Cellar Construction

“CF explained that although the site is already there, they need to construct a new cellar. This is a small construction project taking 2-3 weeks, during which they will excavate 3-4m in depth to install a new cellar and the surrounding concrete pad.” – West Newton “Community” Liaison Committee Minutes


~13th December


~11th December


10th December


6th December





6th Nov

Site Almost Empty

Site Almost Empty


5th Nov – Rig Packed Down Ready to Leave

2014 11 05 rig on truck ready to leave 2


22nd Oct – Well Intervention Equipment with Scaffolding

Well intervention equipment (blue) in use; scaffolding tower; work-over rig (white) behind.

Well intervention equipment (blue) in use; scaffolding tower; work-over rig (white) behind.


7th Oct – Fracking Company Cuadrilla On Site?

Cuadrilla Resources is an all out fracking company.  Witnesses at the site reported over-hearing workers on the phone to Cuadrilla, the work over rig is owned by Cuadrilla, and a worker in Cuadrilla branded work wear was on site.  Rathlin Energy deny that Cuadrilla workers have been at West Newton.



7th Oct – Small Dead Mammals in Murky Water

It turned out that Rathlin Energy was poisoning them.  They categorically denied it; but the EA confirmed it.  Details on the Incidents page > Rathlin Poisons Wildlife



6th Oct – Climbing Rig Without Harness

One of the 20 main impacts of extreme energy is dangerous working conditions, and we’ve seen many breaches of H&S on Rathlin Energy’s sites, such as not wearing hard hats within the compound.

This is example shows a worker who appears to be climbing the rig without a harness.

2014 10 06 worker climbing no harness 1

Click for video


25th Sep – Piles of Small Dead Mammals

Hundreds of rodents suddenly died in the drainage ditches around West Newton well site, when certain work was being carried out resulting in sustained, loud, and heavy rumbling.  They may have been attracted or confused by the vibrations from the site.  The Environment Agency also recorded the presence of oil in the perimeter ditch.

2014 09 25 WN dead rodents pile 2 JP


14th Sep – Gas Flaring

People present when flaring occurred, even for short periods, reported sore throats and headaches.

Click for video.

Click for video.

Flare stack by day

Flare stack by day


16th Aug – Standard Operating Procedure?

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Nothing to see here. Move along.


14/15th Aug 2014 – Mini-frac Incident

Emergency well intervention equipment mobilised to site after an emergency well shutdown.  Read more on the Incidents page here.



5th Jul – Dead Hare in Ditch

2014 07 05 dead hare in West Newton ditch_low


July 2014 – Cuadrilla Work Over Rig at West Newton

Fracking Yorkshire: Cuadrilla Rig On Rathlin Site – Frack Off

2014 07 Cuadrilla work over rig WNA by Frack Off


Well Schematic


West Newton 1 – Well Schematic. Taken from Rathlin Energy’s EA Permit Application, section 6 – Site Condition Report, p11.

Conceptual Model WNA

West Newton 1 – Conceptual Model. Taken from Rathlin Energy’s EA Permit Application, section 6 – Site Condition Report, last page.

A slightly different well schematic appears in the Hydrogeological Risk Assessment.  This can be found in Rathlin Energy’s EA Permit Application, section 5  – Waste Management Plan, p168.