Wildlife Recording

Nature lovers – help record the local wildlife

Important for planning applications

Before granting any application for oil and gas exploration, councils must consider the potential effect on all wildlife after considering an ecological report provided by the company. In past applications in East Yorkshire, there have been many gaps in the information supplied to the council because species are not regularly reported. For example, records of Barn Owl and Brown Hare, specially protected under the law, have been under-represented.

Can you help? In order to rectify this anomaly, volunteers are currently submitting records of all wildlife across the licensed areas. This should ensure that information concerning local wildlife does not slip through the net in future planning applications.

What you can do

We need your records of birds, wild flowers, fungi, mammals, insects, amphibians – anything of interest which the Planning Department should be aware of. If you are able to supply accurate information along with your name, dates and OS map references – or at least locations that can be pin-pointed on a map – you will be providing valuable information.

Even if the Government takes the decision out of the hands of local councils, the information is still important. It can be used in local media reports to inform the public about the adverse effects of fracking. There will also be more scientific evidence available in the future if fracking should go ahead and we need to highlight a reduction of species in the affected areas.

To find out how you can help by recording wildlife, please contact Mike Brookes using this form: